Pilates : Barre Yoga


STOTT Pilates is the international 'Gold Standard' & is created by professionals. 

It builds on the essence of the late Joseph Pilates work by incorporating modern knowledge of the body.

STOTT Pilates at Yoga Studio Cromwell will offer you:

*Musculoskeletal Performance

*Strength : Flexibility : Endurance

*Long Lean Muscles : Better Posture

*Injury Prevention : Post-Rehab

*Mind-Body Awareness

*Core Strength : Stability

*Relief from Stress & Back Pain

In our method you will achieve optimal health benefits without risking injury or building bulk.

Total Barre

Created by Stott...Total Barre embraces the 5 Basic Principles of their Pilates Method.

Bron is trained to offer Total Barre, Pre/Post Natal, Special Populations (Active Ageing), Endurance & Amplified for those who like to DANCE.

Total Barre offers groovy choreography created by Sports Doctors, Physiotherapists & Dance Professionals. 

The music selections are uplifting & motivating.

Yin Yoga

This style of yoga consists of 'long holds', allowing the lengthening of fascial tissue.  It is the antidote to a busy lifestyle as it calms & balances the mind, body & spirit.

It offers rejuvenation for organs, glands & hormone systems.